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Gallery eyes portraits in the age of abstract art

  WASHINGTON (AP) — When abstract expressionism was all the rage in American art in the mid-20th century, many artists thought the art of painting portraits was dead. Artist Chuck Close went so far as to say that making a portrait was “the dumbest, most moribund, out-of-date and shopworn of possible things you could do.” But at the same [...]

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Fla. pastor convicted in NYC fake Hirst art case

  NEW YORK (AP) — A Miami pastor accused of offering faked works of British art star Damien Hirst to an undercover officer was convicted Tuesday in New York of attempted grand larceny. Prosecutors said Kevin Sutherland, who leads the nondenominational, 200-member Mosaic Miami Church, tried to sell the counterfeits for $185,000. He could face up to seven [...]

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